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The Fresh Crafts store is shut...

Well kids, I need to tell it like it is.

Fresh Crafts is closing down for a bit.  I'm not the type to leave a website just hanging, though I'm sure those of you who check in now and then may question that. 

I'm retooling my crafting life, sifting through my priorities and mining for new ideas. 

So the store is closed for a bit.  Some time soon I'll reopen with a limited number of items, made with love for you.  There are too many crafts and too little time, and the sun shines here every day until November. 

If you have admired anything on the site in the past, or have some custom something-or-other in mind, please contact me and we'll talk.  I'd love to hear from you and make your bottlecap dreams come true.

I appreciate your wonderful support over the years and will be back soon!

xo Karen