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Back to town after an incredible overnighter on Pt. Reyes.  Kayaked on Tomales Bay with hundreds (if not thousands) of jellyfish, and a posse of incredibly curious leopard seals!  Hiked along Coast Trail in yesterday morning's sunshine.  Now I need to buckle down and get some stuff done. 

I'm really excited about the joint Chillin Productions/Effection show on Saturday.  It's an awesome cause, and the Chillin shows are the best!  An amazing array of local talent.  It's time to shop!  Well, for gifts of course, but also for holiday party gear... 


I'm tired.  It's been a very social week or two.  I'm going to hibernate for a few weeks.  I need to really start cranking out the goodies.  December is coming right up, and I'll be crazed!  I love it, though.  I'm already planning for three shows/craft fairs.  Plus I need to make a bunch of gifts.

I've had some great recent eBay scores - Bakelite/celluloid buttons and buckles, etc.  Of course I have a sewing jones, as it is fall!  I want to sew and knit and make pumpkin soup.  But I'm also excited to come up with some new designs.  It's time. 

It's about 75 and so beautiful today.  I'm tired from a morning run in the park.  It was lovely, but running in the AM makes me tired (and hungry!) all day.  Well, no worries.  Baseball is on the tube and I can work on my new designs at the same time!  And pet cats now and then. 


I can't believe I'm becoming a baseball fan at 40.  I just teared up when the
Red Sox lost.  WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME????

Did I say that Indian Summer is beautiful?

I just got a new batch of N scale washer women figures...  They have changed slightly but are really cool.  I also just got some new watch parts.  I'm rich!  Rich beyond my wildest dreams!

I'm ready to do some gardening this weekend.  Weird time to do it, but I have the jones (and a coworker is giving me some planters). 


The Neighborhoodies Fresh Crafts yoga pants arrive and totally rock!  I will wear them at the Festival on the Strait on Saturday. 

Indian Summer is beautiful.


It feels like rain.  Unbelievable!  I welcome it, of course, being completely uncomfortable with the freakish months and months of no rain here in NoCal.  We might even have *thunder*.  Oooooh how I love thunder!

I have been cranking out cell phone sweaters like crazy.  I'll take pictures of them soon, promise.  After all, it's gettin' chilly and you want to keep your phone warm!

Sort of nice to have a change in seasons.  My kitties are getting all fuzzy, and soon they will be all super friendly to each other (and will sleep on my head each night).

I just ordered a pair of Fresh Crafts yoga pants from Neighborhoodies.  I couldn't resist.  However, I ordered the lettering on FRONT, not on my booty.  I think the booty lettering thing is just a bit much.  'Course, I'm not 20 anymore.  But I see these little girls with "angel" and "princess" across their butts, and I just think... wrong.


Amazing what a month can hold.  Katrina of course, humbling us and making us question and dig deep to figure out how we can help.  I am totally unrepresented in DC, but I feel like my fellow US citizens, despite our huge differences in outlook, have huge friggin hearts. 

As far as FC goes... yeah, this site she is so very very outdated.  Just an observation.  Good news is that I just broke down and got a laptop.  See, I sit at a PC all day five days a week at my real job (bless it), and the *last* thing I feel like doing in my spare time is sitting in one spot, potentially missing some great episode of "The Daily Show" or "Animal Cops."  So...  I have high hopes.  Stay tuned...

In the meantime, you Bay Area FC fans c'mon out on Sunday to Funk N' Trunk!  Yeah - bloody mary bar, late Sunday afternoon awesomeness from local designers, etc.  I will be debuting some very cool earrings featuring vintage beads, as well as some cell phone "sweaters" I've been working on while watching Giants games in the past month or so.

Thanks for tuning in.  Come to Funk N' Trunk!

OH, and PS - my mom won a blue ribbon at the Champlain Valley Fair for her "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme"-themed plant display that I helped her with!  Rock on!  Did you know that "Scarborough Fair" is a traditional, and there is a lot of fascinating (well, to me, anyway) history behind it


End of August already.  Holy Holstein!  I have finally realized that it would be best to keep all items up in the store - that way I can make three dimensional/time piece items to order.  The only variations will depend on what vintage watch parts and caps are on hand! 

Of course, I need to make stuff now and can't spend any more time updating the site.  Sigh.  Such is the life of an environmental professional/one woman craft business chick.

I have been knitting since it's been a bit cooler...  a neck warmer for Anita, and a silly-looking cell phone "cozy."  It's pretty cute, actually, and I think I'm on to something!

I spent some time this week working on graphics to help my mom with her plant entries at the Tunbridge World's Fair (VT) this weekend...  I hope what I did helps!  She's got quite a talent for combining plants in a lovely way.

Vermont was, as usual, incredibly beautiful.  And it wasn't too hot or humid.  And there weren't too many bugs.


Hi.  It's summer.  Fans going throughout the house.  Cats all stretched out and keeping to themselves at night... Which is sort of nice.  I spend all winter with cats draped around my head.

I'm really excited about the Chillin Productions show this weekend...  They are always really fun.  So many cool vendors, so much amazing stuff to buy.  I try to not leave my table so I won't spend a bunch of money! 

My brother and his family stayed with me this weekend.  They live in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I've been lucky as I've been able to see them twice in seven or eight months, but I sure was sad to say goodbye!  It was a total baseball-themed weekend.  We played a bit on Saturday (well, I mostly watched, then threw a few times.  My arm is still sore.).  Then we went to McCovey's on Saturday night, which was really fun.  Major memorabilia.  Saw the Giants lose, but not too badly, yesterday.  We had nosebleed seats, which were actually great as we had a breeze.  Garlic fries, Anchor Steam, and loved ones all around.  How perfect is that?  My bff Anita came out Friday night and was here for their arrival, then major pizza action.  She rocks the house again and again.  I'm so lucky, all the way around.


I am eating jelly beans.  Luckily the chocolate is almost gone, so I will be tormented no more.  

It's going to rain tomorrow - crud.  I was hoping to spend Easter looking at wildflowers.  Oh well, guess I can make jewelry and work on my website instead!  


Been a while!  Spring is here and it makes me want to make stuff.  I made a very cool cowgirl bracelet as a custom order, and will have them in the store soon.  I'm also playing around with collages inside antique pocket watch cases!  Sealed with resin of course.  Also rethinking belt buckles.  They are a pain to make but are so fabulous.  Aren't they?  My coworker Emily is the lucky recipient of the top belt, and someone in Reno bought the bottom one!  


So many fragrances in the air just now.  I walked over to Kelly's last night to deliver a key chain (sold to her coworker), and the atmospheric conditions at dusk just seemed to intensify the smells...  Lavender, fruit blossoms, jasmine, it's all happening.  Wisteria is happening too.  My favorite.  I am enjoying the bunches of 99 cent daffodils at Trader Joe's - they are just sticks when you buy them, but after a few hours in water they start to open up.  

I will work on photographing new stuff and restocking the store in the next few weeks.  Things are starting to roll again!