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Crafty Links

Here's some of what I think is cool, fun and important. I am happy to exchange links with like-minded sites. Please email me (linksATfreshcraftsDOTcom) if you are interested.  Please note that I link primarily to other indie craft businesses.  Crafty is as crafty does.

I have asterisked * businesses that I have personally patronized and think are awesome.

Fresh Crafts Products Around the Country!

San Francisco, CA - Ladybug Ladybug, 3870 24th St. 415-824-KISS
Ketchum, ID - Your House
, 360 East Ave. North 208-727-0088
Traverse City, MI - Euphoria
, 102 South Union Street 231-922-9901
Omaha, NE - FoofaLa
, 12100 W. Center Road, Suite 506 (Bel Air Plaza) 402-330-3208
Reno, NV - La Bussola
, 211 West First Street 775-348-8858
Clarksville, TN - Red Pepper Squirrel
, 215 South 2nd Street
Blacksburg, VA - Homebody, 119 N. Main Street, Ste. 101 540-552-8880
Williston, VT - LuLu Art & Design, 20 Bradish Lane 802-878-2123
Seattle, WA - Laura Bee Designs, 6418 B 20th Avenue NW 206-789-4044

Fresh Crafts Products on the Web

Please support the following awesome one-woman businesses which sell my work and that of other great crafters!

anezka handmade - A unique shop where you can support independent artists.
Plain Mabel
- Loads of cool handmade items for you and your home.
Manto Fev
- They cut, you paste. The ultimate site for the compulsive crafter!

Other like-minded small businesses

2by2 Creations - A Home Décor & Gift business with a focus on everyday indulgences.*
All Natural Me
- Great all-natural products in a fun store.
Bakelite Bits
- New fashioned fun from vintage plastics, sterling silver and brass.
biggerKrissy Toys
- Oddball stuffed toys teeming with personality.
BMOD Jewelry
- Beautiful jewelry made buttons, beads and sterling wire.
Chic Cosas
- One of a kind, handmade to perfection accessories, apparel and home decor.
- your copacetic boutique.
Crafty Ass Chick
- felted stuff, bags, vintage, paper goods, you name it!
Crafty Chica
- crafts. drama. glitter.
Cute Little Dot
- Handmade bags, beaded jewelry and personalized gifts.
- offers exquisite handcrafted custom designed jewelry.
Fashion Compassion
- Compassion never goes out of fashion.
Fishcakes Designs
- Handmade stuff that's as good as cake.*
Five Gallon Bucket
- DIY and reconstructed kids, women's and plus size clothing with Spirit!*
- Amazing children's clothing and recycled design from the Netherlands.
Frau Liebe
- One of a kind items from vintage and preloved materials.
- Hand crafted lovelies.
Funky Utopia
- handmade originals for hip individuals.
Ghoulie Babies and Glamour Vamps
- Deliciously creepy dolls and other stuff!
Glamour Girls Jewelry
- Vintage elements re-vamped into one of a kind designs.
- handmade glitter goods (and we all know how awesome glitter is.)*
Gracie Tom
- Unique, one-of-a-kind handbags.
Happy Lucky Me
- Asian flavored style for your life!
Happy Owl Glass
- Incredible animal-themed fused glass lights, pins and more.*
Hello Knitty
- The place for boutique knitwear designs.*
Hobby Farm
- New and vintage costume jewelry; unique handmade clothing & accessories
- Beautiful India-inspired jewelry by Anita Ghatak.
- Stylish and fun, the way everyone should be.
- Original artwork by Julianna Prejusa.
Krafty Girl Art
- Modern and Abstract Art, crafts and more!
- Wonderfully creative bags.
- ...handmade things and other stuff to look at - p.s. steak is wack
Le Pontelumes
- Cute and crafty original handmade thingies.
Lit'l Lizards
- Baby's alternative to the ordinary.
lori marie
- Another Bay Area gal - these bags are beautiful!*
Lucinda's Designs
- Handmade purses, totes and handbags.
Midnight Firefly
- Beautiful handcrafted jewelry.
Mikobella Designs
- One-of-a-kind, hand-dyed and embellished skirts, camisoles and dresses. Beautiful!*
Mudpuddles & Pudding
- Cuddle-able Collectables... one is never enough!
Naughty Secretary Club
- Incredible revamped vintage and other awesome jewelry by Jennifer Perkins.*
MY MY Distro
- zines, buttons, crafty stuff, awesome.*
- 100% custom designed sweatshirts, tees, underwear & more. (I got some *awesome* FC yoga pants from Neighborhoodies!)
- Shrines, paintings, pins, s and lots of other cool crafted goods from Australia!
- The greatest place for all your indy/DIY apparel.*
Perfect Something
- Adorable bags, reconstructed accessories and other cool stuff!
- Cute and comfy clothes for girls with style!
Queen Puff Puff
- handbags for girly girls. *
Paper People Clothing
- Original handbags and accessories by Jennifer Nobuko.
Posh Handbags
- Handbags for a fabulous life!
Quite Nice Crafts
- Lovely hand-made ceramic ornaments and masks by the talented Clin Cannon.*
Ripped Nylons
- ripped nylons rocks undies off!
Sarah Taylor Design
- Beautiful t-shirts, lampshades, bags, tiles etc. from a fellow Bay Area artisan.
Sew Pretty
- Hand Crafted Funky Handbags and Unique Goodies!
Art by Shano
- Artwork by Shano (my sister in horsewomanship!)
- Boutique stocked with one of a kind artisan jewelry.
Soleil Noir
- Lovely handmade jewelry.
Sommer Designs Handbags
- Unique, Handmade Boutique Quality Handbags, Totes, Diaper Bags & Accessories ~ without the Boutique Prices
Sparkle & Shine Design
- Dazzlingly Stylish Accessories
Starbright Designs
- Unique hand-crafted jewelry + all pieces are one of a kind +
Sticky Wicket Crafts
- Original, high quality craft kits.
Studio Kat Designs
- Art you can wear!
Sublime Stitching
- Finally! Cool Craft Patterns.
Subversive Cross Stitch
- a superb form of anger management therapy!*
- Another one-girl business with wonderful jewelry, handbags and more!
The Tapestry Cottage
- Beautiful custom made tapestry handbags for every occasion.
The Urge to Adorn
- Amazing designer belts, belt buckles and accessories.
- Handmade bags and accessories - like candy for your wardrobe.*
Uplifting Arts
- Cigar Purses, Card Holders, Change Purses and other great accessories.*

Other Stuff

Aargon Neon - Your source for custom neon by my buddy Bill Concannon of Crockett, CA
Carrot Revolution
- It's coming. Be prepared.
Crockett Pottery -
Hand-thrown pottery and sculpture by the wonderful Kathy Kearns of Crockett, CA.*
Electric Embers -
Awesome, inexpensive, ad-free hosting for nonprofits, co-ops, artists etc.*
Ketzia Shoneberg -
Artist (painter). Incredible. She moved to Oregon and is painting her heart out.*
Point Reyes National Seashore Morgan Horse Ranch
- Pt. Reyes is one of the most magical places on the planet. I have volunteered at the Morgan Horse Ranch since 1995.
Red Rock Farms - Christmas trees from Vermont!*
- Saving the world, one island at a time! (My fantastic "other" job!)