Karen Peterson,
sole proprietress

Delicious accessories made fresh daily!


One-of-a-kind Creations! Fresh Images! Vintage Bottle Caps! Bottle Cap Diorama Jewelry!

Custom and wholesale orders

I welcome wholesale inquiries, custom orders, suggestions etc.  I have made custom items featuring beloved pets, children, partners and company logos!

A custom fee will apply; the amount depends on the complexity of the work, what sort of image you can provide me with (I can work from a digital or actual photo), how much tweaking I need to do to the image, etc. Keep in mind that the image will be shrunk down to 1.05 inches! This means that shots of groups of people or subjects with a ton of detail may not look great in a bottle cap.

Consider making someone's birthday, anniversary or other special day memorable by giving customized Fresh Crafts zipper pulls, magnets, key rings, pins, tie tacks, earrings, pendants, hair clips or bolos!